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Youth Organizations

Career and Technical Student Organizations, commonly referred to as CTSOs, are youth organizations designed to support students in career and technical education (CTE) programs. Career and technical education, formerly known as vocational education, helps prepare high school graduates for the next step, whether it is postsecondary education or entry into the workforce.

Rigorous academic content tied to technical subject matter, as well as internships and other cooperative work experiences, are hallmarks of CTE programs. Through these co-curricular programs of study, students get a head start on their career preparation, whether their goal is to become a teacher, doctor, automotive technician, or computer programmer.

CTSOs are considered an integral part of CTE; they help students develop the technical and leadership skills that will enable them to succeed in their career paths.

The following youth organizations are a co-curricular part of every program at J. Everett Light.  Click on each icon to find out more about each organization.



Upcoming Events:

May 12, 6:30pm - J-Fest, Concert in JEL Front Lawn
May 13 - TEC-TAC Competition
May 18 - Last Day for Sending Schools
May 24 - Last Day for NC students