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Dental Assisting

Instructor: Ms. Michelle Talbott, Email me!  317-259-5265 x44053

One or two year program, three hours per day

Prerequisite(s):  None

Related College or Technical School Majors: Dental Assisting, Dental Laboratory Technician, Dental Hygiene, Dental Program

Job Opportunities:  Dental Hygiene, Dental Assistant, Dentistry, Dental Lab Technician, and Dental Specialties

Certification(s) available: AHA CPR, DANB ICE, DANB RHS

Dual Credit available: 2-9 credits at Ivy Tech

Youth Organization: HOSA

A Dental Assistant career will give you something to smile about . . . it is challenging and the job outlook is excellent.  Dental assistants have one of the most diverse and interesting of all positions in a dental office.  Employment in this field is expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations through 2020.

The JEL Dental Clinic is a part of the education and experience of the students as they assist local dentists and hygienists in providing dental care for students in the school districts.  A rotation in local dental offices/dental commercial laboratories is also an integral part of the program; students must provide their own transportation to rotation sites.

When a student successfully completes one year of this program he/she will have the knowledge and skills to take the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Infection Control examination.

The Indiana State Dental Health Department has approved the JELCC Dental Radiology program.  As a result, if a student successfully completes two years of this program he/she will be eligible to take the DNAB Radiation and Safety examination.

All students must have a Hepatitis B vaccination to participate in the class.


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