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JEL History

Dr. Light

The Career Center was the brainchild of the very first superintendent of Washington Township schools, Dr. J. Everett Light.

In the late 1960s, Dr. Light made it his mission to find a way to provide career and technical training to high school students to better prepare them to enter the workforce upon graduation.

His dream became a reality in 1972, when the career center first opened it’s doors.  Unfortunately, Dr. Light had passed away the previous year.  In his honor, the school board named the school after him and his legacy lives on today.

J. Everett Light Career Center has helped many students find their career pathways over the last 40 years, and we hope to continue this for many decades to come!

Upcoming Events:

March 16 NTHS Ceremony (8am & Noon)
March 20 JEL Blood Drive
March 22 Career Fair
March 27-31 Spring Break
April 14 End of 4th Qtr Midterms